Razor Preprocessed Templates

When Miguel asked me to investigate making MonoDevelop support using Razor templates in MonoTouch and Mono for Android apps, I realized that it could be done simply and with very few dependencies by taking the same approach as T4 preprocessed templates, which I implemented for MonoDevelop a couple of years ago. Fortunately, this time the hard part was already done: I could use Microsoft's open-source Razor parser instead of writing my own parser. I also found a Visual Studio extension called Razor Generator that was very close in functionality to what I wanted, and was able to use this as a basis for my work. I was able to hook it it into the fantastic Razor editing and code completion support written by Piotr Dowgiallo in the Google Summer of Code this year.

After a few days work implementing, tweaking and tuning (and bouncing ideas off Bojan Rajković), I present Razor Preprocessed Templates in MonoDevelop.

The State of MSBuild Support in MonoDevelop

I occasionally get questions about support for advanced MSBuild features, and my answers are usually fairly short. This post aims to be a more comprehensive description of the current state state of MSBuild support in MonoDevelop, so I can refer people to it. If you've never hand-edited custom targets for an MSBuild file, this doesn't affect you at all, but feel free to read it if you're curious.

MonoDevelop Tips: Document Switcher

The document switcher is a quick way to switch focus between open documents and pads using the keyboard. It's activated by the Ctrl-tab or Ctrl-shift-tab combinations, and remains open as long as Control remains held down. While it's open, you can change the selection — up arrow or shift-tab moves the selection up, down arrow or tab moves the selection down, and the left and right arrows move the selection between the pads and documents lists. When you have selected the item you want, release Control, and it will be selected.

Building Mac Applications in MonoDevelop with MonoMac

Recently Miguel announced MonoMac, a new Mono binding for Cocoa & other Objective-C libraries, based on the MonoTouch binding generator and Objective-C bridge.

This is exciting for many people because it allows writing native Mac GUIs using C# and other .NET languages. I have put together a MonoDevelop addin that simplifies the process of creating, developing and debugging a MonoMac application.

T4 Templates in MonoDevelop

A few week ago, I travelled to GDC and MIX. While in planes, airports and in spare moments in the conference, I implemented a feature I've wanted for some time - integrated T4 templating. This takes the T4 engine that I wrote for ASP.NET MVC templates, and exposed it within the IDE as a "custom tool", like Visual Studio does.

This also meant I had to implement a simple version of VS-style custom tools, or generators. Set the file's "custom tool" property to "TextTemplatingFileGenerator" using the property pad, then whenever you save it, MD will run the generator on the file.

Moonlight Development on Linux with MonoDevelop

Yesterday I made a screencast demonstrating Moonlight Development on Mac using MonoDevelop. Today, I bring you the same thing on Linux:

Moonlight Development on Mac using MonoDevelop

Yesterday I announced much-improved MonoDevelop preview builds for Mac, which include ASP.NET MVC support out-of-the-box. However, there was a little surprise in that build that I didn't mention — full support for building and running Silverlight projects using a bundled copy of the Moonlight SDK.

I created a screencast to show off how easy this makes it to develop Silverlight apps on the Mac:

MonoDevelop Mac Preview Builds

The past few weeks I've been working on improving the MonoDevelop experience on the Mac, making it integrate better with the Mac experience. Along with ASP.NET MVC support and other soon-to be-announced excitement, I think this makes MonoDevelop much more interesting for Mac users.

MonoDevelop ASP.NET MVC on the Mac

After releasing a preview of the ASP.NET MVC MonoDevelop addin, I decided to try it on the Mac.

Although the MonoDevelop 2.0 release on the Mac is still an alpha, it's a lot better on the Mac than 1.0 was. Other than a couple of GTK+ redraw issues, the major remaining problems are mostly to do with lack of Mac integration, such as Ctrl-Click, top-level menu bar and Mac-like keyboard shortcuts. Making MonoDevelop completely supported on the Mac is one of our targets for MonoDevelop 2.2.

I downloaded the Mono 2.4 Mac installer and MonoDevelop 2.0 Mac installer (beware, alpha release) then followed exactly the same steps from my earlier Linux-based walkthrough, and apart from a couple of harmless warnings during installation of the addin, it worked flawlessly!

Running an ASP.NET MVC app in MonoDevelop on the Mac

Since none on the MD team is familiar with Macs, contributions from Mac users would be most welcome, including testing and feedback about how to make it feel more Mac-like.

ASP.NET MVC MonoDevelop Addin Preview

The past month or two, in addition to bugfixing for our recent MonoDevelop 2.0 release, I've been quietly hacking on a MonoDevelop Addin to support writing ASP.NET MVC applications. Those of you following me on Twitter may have picked up a few hints...

Now that Microsoft has released ASP.NET MVC under the MS-Pl licence, I'm making a preview release of the ASP.NET MVC addin for people who'd like to start playing with this exciting new tech on Mono. It's relatively immature, so don't expect everything to work perfectly, but it handles creating and running a VS-compatible ASP.NET MVC project just fine.


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