MonoDevelop trunk builds

Hot on the heels of Lluis’s MonoDevelop 1.0 Beta 2 announcement, I’d like to announce the availability of frequent builds of MonoDevelop from SVN trunk, packaged for openSUSE 10.3. If you’d like to get the latest and greatest bug fixes and features but don’t want to build MD yourself, head over to my openSUSE Build Service Sandbox.. The packages will also come up in the openSUSE search for MonoDevelop packages.

Warning: these packages are not guaranteed to be stable, though I’ll try to push only usable revisions. I may also enable and disable features at a whim, e.g. disabling the Boo binding and MonoDevelop.Database addin in order to enable GtkSourceView 2 support.

Update: the sandbox link currently requires that you’re logged into the openSUSE Build Service, so here’s a direct link to the repository