Moonlight Development on Linux with MonoDevelop

Yesterday I made a screencast demonstrating Moonlight Development on Mac using MonoDevelop. Today, I bring you the same thing on Linux.

Screencast of Moonlight development of

Unfortunately, getting this running isn’t quite as simple as the Mac installer. However, if you’re on openSUSE/SLED, it’s almost as easy, using my trunk MonoDevelop packages from the openSUSE build service (1-click install for openSUSE 11.1).

You just have to download and extract my Moonlight SDK (UPDATE: file removed), extract it somewhere, then tell MonoDevelop where it using the MOONLIGHT_2_SDK_PATH environment variable:

export MOONLIGHT_2_SDK_PATH=/full/path/to/MoonSDK

If you don’t have openSUSE/SLED, you’ll have to use the Mono 2.4 VMWare image or build MonoDevelop from trunk. If you build MonoDevelop from trunk, I suggest not installing it, and instead using “make run”. If you don’t even have Mono 2.4, you’ll need to build that too, and please use a parallel environment if you don’t want to risk messing your system up with hard-to-diagnose problems.