MonoDevelop in the GHOP

So far, all five completed tasks for the Mono GHOP have been MonoDevelop -related. I’m really pleased with the amount of interest we’ve had so far. I’d like to thank our hard-working students and mentors, and the wonderful people at Google’s Open-Source Program Office who put this contest together.

  • Dan Abramov submitted a very cleanly-written addin to integrate the Smokey code analysis tool. I’ll be using this to tidy up minor bugs in the MonoDevelop codebase, and hopefully we can ship it in the addin repository after the 1.0 release.
  • This was followed by some fantastic icons from Vinicius Depizzol (“videpizzol”), and these will certainly be in the 1.0 release. They’re not yet in SVN due to my pending review of our icon usage and handling in MonoDevelop.
  • The completed Brazilian Portuguese translation by Renato Felipe Atilio (“renatoat”) is now our most up-to-date first translation, though due to changes to our translation infrastructure it’s not merged into SVN yet.
  • The latest addition to our still-meagre documentation comes from “entereczek”, a Tutorial for C/C++ Projects. I’ve put it on the MonoDevelop wiki.
  • Although not strictly a MonoDevelop contribution, “dwashing” created a MonoDevelop solution for F-Spot that’s been committed to SVN.

Please continue to suggest, claim and review tasks. We still have plenty left on the issue tracker over at Google Code. Pop over to #mono-ghop on GIMPNet IRC to discuss things or to hang out with us.