GtkSourceView 2 in MonoDevelop

I recently added support for GtkSourceView 2 to MonoDevelop, and it can be enabled with the “–enable-gtksourceview2” configure switch. Unfortunately the Boo Binding and the Database Addin depend on GtkSourceView# directly, and aren’t compatible with the API changes in 2.0. I may get round to fixing them later. However, I’ve already switched on GtkSourceView2 support in my MonoDevelop build repository. The main reason I did this, of course, was the wonderful dark grey colour scheme “oblivion” :-)

The GtkSourceView2# binding isn’t officially released yet, and will probably get absorbed into the Gnome# platform bindings, but right now it seems to work fine. Packages for openSUSE 10.3 are available from my MonoDevelop build repository.

Notable new features are:

  • Improved syntax highlighting
  • Support for colour schemes

Notable missing/removed features are:

  • Printing
  • Bookmarks (also used for debugger breakpoints, when the debugger worked)

There isn’t a UI for changing colour schemes yet, but it can be done manually in the ~/.config/MonoDevelop/MonoDevelopProperties.xml file by setting/adding the property <Property key="GtkSourceViewStyleScheme" value="oblivion" /> within the property <Property key="MonoDevelop.TextEditor.Document.Document.DefaultDocumentAggregatorProperties">.