About Me

I work on Visual Studio for Mac and the Xamarin Platform at Microsoft. I’ve worked on cross-platform developer tools for mobile, web, desktop and game for more than a decade, primarily around Mono, MonoDevelop and the C#/.NET ecosystem.

Outside of work, I’m interested in creative software tools and frameworks, especially for video games. I’m an avid Train Jammer, and enjoy SF+F, hiking, photography and occasionally cosplay. I love to make things, including cosplay, knitting, electronics and silversmithing.

I occasionally give talks. Although I’m not very talkative about non-technical things, I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion, and proud to openly represent as trans.

This site is a point of contact and a place for me to post things that I feel may be interesting to other people. I don’t update it very actively, but that may change 🙂