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Dr Dobbs Journal Article

Three exams down, two to go.

Just thought I’d post a link to my Dr Dobbs Journal article on AspNetEdit. It went out about 6 months ago, but I hadn’t got round to linking to it yet. It explains a little bit about the reason for AspNetEdit, and the technologies used to bring it to fruition.

There’s a terrible photo of me in the article as well ;-)

Exams, exams

Well, it’s exam time again. Five in total; first one on Monday, and the last is two days after I find out whether I’ve been accepted for the Summer of Code 2006. Not enjoying revision, and these exams – third year – are very important.

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New release of GeSHicodefilter

I have recently upgraded to Drupal 4.7, and it’s fantastic. However, the Project module upgrade didn’t work (probably because I use Postgres) so I’ve only just got round to installing it again.

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I’ve been thinking about how the ASP.NET Visual Designer should work with CSS and good semantic markup, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of both of these in the Web. In particular, what part do they play with ASP.NET?

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Toolbox Style

I’m cleaning up some of AspNetEdit’s widgets, the Toolbox and the PropertyGrid. My original plan was to use GTK#’s TreeView for both, but while working on the toolbox I realised that it may not be the best solution for this particular item.

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Mozilla editor comes out of hiding

Okay, I admit it, so far I’ve been “cheating”, rendering the page to a temp file every time something changes. No longer! I present to you the all-singing, all-dancing Mozilla editor version. You can select controls on the surface, type text straight into the page, resize controls, and drag-n-drop! This is the first you’ll have seen of my co-conspirator Blago’s work, but trust me, it’s been worth the wait.

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AspNetEdit hits SVN

I’ve finally committed the ASP.NET Graphical Designer to Mono Subversion, module ‘aspeditor’. It’s unimaginatively codenamed AspNetEdit. If anyone really wants to play with it, please be aware that right now it doesn’t do an awful lot. Also it requires Mono class libraries hot out of SVN. I would advise waiting till an actual release the beginning of September; I’ll keep my blog updated with screenshots.

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ASP.NET Graphical Designer screenshot

Okay, it’s not quite as exciting as the title suggests. I’ve been hacking away on the Services and Component Model, and have reached the stage where I can display controls, select them from a drop-down list, change their properties, and have the change reflected on the design surface.

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It lives!

The inbound (Mono -> Gecko) C++ DOM function is working fine and I can recieve a C# call in JavaScript; now I just need to pass it off to the actual function.

There was a bit of trouble initially as I couldn’t obtain an nsIWebBrowser pointer from gtk_moz_embed_get_nsIWebBrowser. This turned out to be because the Gecko# WebControl hadn’t been shown yet (i.e. window.ShowAll()), but I didn’t figure this out as other functions like gtk_moz_embed_get_location worked fine.

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