Mikayla's Journal - page 12

JSCall# Packages for Ubuntu Edgy

Now that Ubuntu Edgy has gone final, and I’m no longer tracking the beta, I’ve made some checkinstall packages for JSCall#. Although JSCall# originated as the native part of AspNetEdit, it has other uses as a limited Gecko-C# bridge.

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St John's College JCR Website goes live

I’ve just launched the new website for St John’s College JCR at http://johnsjcr.org.uk. It’s based on Drupal 4.7.3 with a lot of extra modules added, but mainly based on the Organic Groups module. This helps to organise all of our little subcommunities and groups. I also hacked together a custom module called groupforums, which displays listings of one of the OG node types as conventional forums, in order to help people get used to the site.

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Hiro's photos

My friend Hiro Mori has just put up a load of photos on Flickr. He’s studying photography at university, and works a lot with film. There are a lot of very good photos, especially among the ones from Cuba.

MonoDevelop+AspNetEdit Teaser

Here’s a shiny screenshot of AspNetEdit embedded in MonoDevelop. The code’s not really ready for use yet, but I’m making good progress. It’s been complicated by the fact that I’m running AspNetEdit and its property grid in a separate process so that the ASP.NET controls are isolated from the MD process.

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MonoDevelop ASP.NET addin is live

I’ve just committed a patch to MonoDevelop to enable the use of the AspNetAddIn that I committed a couple of days ago. It’s not close to fully-featured yet, but I’m pleased because it now enables a basic ASP.NET workflow. One can create an ASP.NET project and various ASP.NET files, then build and run it. The XSP server will be launched, followed by a web browser, and the compiled page can be seen in all its glory. In theory all .NET languages supported by MonoDevelop can be used, though I have only been able to test C# so far.

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ASP.NET Project Models

One of the most difficult things about developing ASP.NET project support for MonoDevelop is deciding upon a project model to use. Microsoft appears to have this problem too; while having used a “Web Application” (WA) model for VS.NET 2003, and then switched to a “Web Site” (WS) model for Visual Studio 2005, they have just recently brought back the Web Application model for VS2005. Both are sensible and straightforward ways of developing an ASP.NET site, and developers migrating from Windows are familiar with them, so it was clearly a good idea to use them as a starting point when planning how to implement the project support in MonoDevelop.

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New site is live

My site is live at the new domain, and my old page is now redirecting here. The theme still needs a lot of work, but I have other priorities right now.

Most of the work in setting up the new site has been in migrating from PostgreSQL to MySQL. It wasn’t a personal choice, just what happened to be on the servers. I took the chance to do a complete Drupal reinstall, and have a few new features planned for the coming months.

Fluid three-column layout

Finally, someone found a clean way to do three-column fluid layout with XHTML and CSS. This solves just about every three-column layout problem I’ve ever had. It fixes the visual elements, keeping the footer at the bottom of the page no matter which column is the tallest, and resizing without the elements running into each other.

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Accepted into Summer of Code 2006!

I have been accepted into Google’s Summer of Code 2006!

This time round I will be adding an ASP.NET Project type to MonoDevelop, with a proper compilation, preview and deployment workflow. I will then be able to host AspNetEdit in MonoDevelop as its graphical designer for ASP.NET.

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