Toolbox Style

I’m cleaning up some of AspNetEdit’s widgets, the Toolbox and the PropertyGrid. My original plan was to use GTK#’s TreeView for both, but while working on the toolbox I realised that it may not be the best solution for this particular item.

Why? Well, it depends on how people want the toolbox to work. Should the basic mechanism stay as it is, a TreeView-style list with expandable categories in one huge scrollable box? Or should it be similar to Outlook, with effectively a radio-button choice of one category that gets its own scrollable area?

I’ve used Glade to create a side-by-side mockup of the two approaches:

Two different mockups of the toolbox

I personally prefer the one on the left, but it does raise scalability problems with large numbers of categories, though this is not likely to be a common scenario. It would also make it more difficult to reorder categories.

Comments below, please!