AspNetEdit hits SVN

I’ve finally committed the ASP.NET Graphical Designer to Mono Subversion, module ‘aspeditor’. It’s unimaginatively codenamed AspNetEdit. If anyone really wants to play with it, please be aware that right now it doesn’t do an awful lot. Also it requires Mono class libraries hot out of SVN. I would advise waiting till an actual release the beginning of September; I’ll keep my blog updated with screenshots. Here’s the latest:

Screenshot of AspNetEdit

As before, you can add controls to the design surface from the toolbox, and change their properties with the Property Browser. In this screenshot you can also see the new Collection Editor. All of this has been polished, and you can now save the document to a .aspx file. However, ASP directives are not suported yet, and the interactive design surface is still a little way away.