Mozilla editor comes out of hiding

Okay, I admit it, so far I’ve been “cheating”, rendering the page to a temp file every time something changes. No longer! I present to you the all-singing, all-dancing Mozilla editor version. You can select controls on the surface, type text straight into the page, resize controls, and drag-n-drop! This is the first you’ll have seen of my co-conspirator Blago’s work, but trust me, it’s been worth the wait.

Screenshot of the AspNetEdit designer

In other news, saving and loading are temporarily broken. We also haven’t exposed many of the Mozilla editor’s features, the main ones being cut/copy/paste, undo/redo, styling, and table editing. However, at this point it’s mainly just a matter of hooking them up to toolbar buttons.

Oh, and those are new control icons. They haven’t been released yet, as they’re too embarassing, but if any designer would like to improve them, the source files are available on request.