Mikayla's Journal - page 9

Shiny Feature of the Day

Today I implemented an oft-requested feature for MonoDevelop: making the code completion and info tooltips transparent when the Control key is held down. This enables you to take a look at the code that the window’s obscuring, without dismissing the popup.

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Here’s a quick summary of interesting things from the past few months that I haven’t blogged. Unfortunately I can’t give each topic the time it deserves, but I think that’s better than not mentioning them at all.

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An Apologetic Sneak Peek

Unfortunately, I have blogged very little in recent months. I shall follow this post with a summary of the things I’ve skipped blogging, but for now, I offer up the following tantalising screenshot by way of apology:

Screenshot of ASP.NET event handling code completion in

GHOP Help Needed

The Google Highly Open Participation (GHOP) contest has been running for a couple of weeks now, and the Mono Project has seen a fair bit of action. Sadly we’ve only had five completed tasks, with a couple more almost done. On a lot of the claimed tasks, many of the students and mentors have been slow to act, busy with real life work.

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Be careful using anonymous delegates across threads

Anonymous delegates are incredibly useful, especially in that they can “capture” variables from a parent scope. Used within a single thread, they are very easy to understand. However, if you’re using them to pass data across threads, you need to understand how the variable capture works.

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How not to break Mono installations

It’s a bad idea to mess with the packaged version of Mono on your Linux distro by installing another version of Mono on top of it or into another of your distro’s standard prefixes such as /usr/local. Your distro’s developers, testers and packagers have tested the packaged version of Mono to make sure that it works with the various applications that depend on it, such as MonoDevelop, Tomboy, F-Spot, Beagle and Banshee. In addition, you’re likely to end up with unusual errors due to mismatched bits and pieces interacting in unpredictable ways.

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GtkSourceView 2 in MonoDevelop

I recently added support for GtkSourceView 2 to MonoDevelop, and it can be enabled with the “–enable-gtksourceview2” configure switch. Unfortunately the Boo Binding and the Database Addin depend on GtkSourceView# directly, and aren’t compatible with the API changes in 2.0.

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