Mikayla's Journal - page 7

Unusual XNA Tools Licensing

In the Microsoft XNA EULA, I found the following restriction: You may not use the software to develop programs that run on any platform other than the Windows, Zune or Xbox 360 platforms

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MonoDevelop Mac Preview Builds

The past few weeks I’ve been working on improving the MonoDevelop experience on the Mac, making it integrate better with the Mac experience. Along with ASP.NET MVC support and other soon-to be-announced excitement, I think this makes MonoDevelop much more interesting for Mac users.

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MonoDevelop on Vista64

Last night I got MonoDevelop working (to some extent) on Windows Vista x64 using the Linux binaries, tweeting my progress along the way.

UPDATE: In another 5am hacking run this evening, I’ve managed to build MonoDevelop fully in Visual Studio 2008, and debug at all the way to the Welcome Page, using 32-bit debugging on Vista 64. However, I’m going to have to tidy the project file fixes a lot before I commit them.

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Completing ASP.NET Collection Properties

I’ve recently been tweaking the ASP.NET completion, adding support for resolving valid children for a control. These can be properties, a property, or controls. More difficult was resolving the valid children for properties, but this is now done.

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HTML Completion

The main thing I’ve been working on for the upcoming MonoDevelop 2.0 release is ASP.NET code completion, and I’m pretty happy with its current state. Recently I’ve been “downporting” this code into base classes to make it easier to write XML completion and HTML completion editor extensions.

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