Speaking at DevTeach

This week I'm going to be presenting two sessions at DevTeach 11 in Montreal.

Speaking on MonoMac at NDC 2011

I'm going to be at NDC 2011 in Oslo, and I'll be speaking about Developing .NET Applications for the Mac App Store. The talk will provide an introduction to MonoMac and the native Mac APIs that it exposes to .NET developers, explain the structure of MonoMac apps and how they can be deployed to the Mac App store, and discuss strategies for code reuse across the platforms supported by Mono and .NET.

Building Mac Applications in MonoDevelop with MonoMac

Recently Miguel announced MonoMac, a new Mono binding for Cocoa & other Objective-C libraries, based on the MonoTouch binding generator and Objective-C bridge.

This is exciting for many people because it allows writing native Mac GUIs using C# and other .NET languages. I have put together a MonoDevelop addin that simplifies the process of creating, developing and debugging a MonoMac application.

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