Speaking at DevTeach

This week I’m going to be presenting two sessions at DevTeach 11 in Montreal.

My first topic will be Native .NET Apps for the Mac with MonoMac. I’ll be taking about MonoMac and the native Mac APIs that it exposes to .NET developers, and how to build native apps that can be deployed to the Mac App store. My second topic will be Using Mono for Native Apps on Mac, Android, iPhone and more. I’ll be giving an overview of Mono’s most exciting platform integration technologies: Mono for Android, MonoTouch (iPhone), and MonoMac. I’ll also explore strategies to share and re-use code between these and other .NET platforms such as Windows, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.

I’ll also be on the DotNetRocks panel to discuss mobile platforms, and outside my talks I’ll be happy to discuss any Mono-related topic, especially the technologies I’ve worked on — MonoDevelop, MonoTouch, Mono for Android, ASP.NET MVC, and the use of Mono in games.