MonoDevelop Tips: Hidden Editor Commands

The MonoDevelop text editor has many commands are not immediately obvious. Some are accessible from the Edit and Edit->Format menus, and some have default keybindings, but many can only be used if you manually add keybindings for them. Some even have keybindings that are hardcoded into the text editor, and will be available unless you override it by assigning that some keybinding to some other command.

Here is a selection of some that may be useful:

Join Lines
Joins the current line with the next line, i.e. removes the next line and appends it to the current line, separated by a space. If multiple lines are selected, it will join them all into one line.
Transpose characters
Swaps the characters on either side of the caret (Control-T on Mac)
Delete to end of line
Deletes from the caret to the end of the current line (Control-K on Mac)
Find caret
Triggers an animation showing where the caret is (*Command- * on Mac)
Go to matching brace
Moves the caret to the counterpart of the adjacent brace or bracket
Insert line break after caret
Moves the text after the caret onto a new line without moving the caret (Control-Enter on all platforms, and also Control-O on Mac)
Move caret to EOL and insert new line
Inserts a new line below the current line and moves the caret to it (Shift-Enter on all platforms
Recenter editor
Moves the scrollbars so that the caret is centered in the editor (Control-L on Mac)