Right now I’m no longer hosting projects at this page. Instead it’s a summary the publicly-released projects in which I am, or have been, involved.

Current Projects


I am currently employed by Novell to work full time on MonoDevelop, the Mono Project’s official IDE. My focus is on ASP.NET web development, and related features.

Past Projects

Google SoC 2006: MonoDevelop ASP.NET Support

In Google’s Summer of Code 2006, I was sponsored to develop ASP.NET support for MonoDevelop.

Google SoC 2005: ASP.NET Visual Designer

In Google’s Summer of Code 2005, I was sponsored to develop an ASP.NET visual design tool for the Mono Project.

Drupal GeSHi Code Filter

I developed a Drupal GeSHi filter for syntax highlighting in Drupal pages, and originally hosted it on this page. Other people have since merged it with various independent efforts to create a far superior version, and and moved development to, so I am no longer distributing my version.