Mikayla's Journal - page 3

MonoDevelop Tips: Grouping Related Solutions with Workspaces

Workspaces can be used to organize related solutions, and provide a convenient way to open several solutions at once. Unlike projects in a solution, which can have references and build interdependencies on other project within the solution, solutions in a workspace are independent, and can be opened and built independently of the workspace and the other solutions in it.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Task Comments

A common practice when writing code is to annotate incomplete or questionable areas with comments prefixed with warnings like TODO, HACK, FIXME, and so on. MonoDevelop draws attention to these by recognizing them and highlighting them.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Custom XML Schemas

MonoDevelop’s XML autocompletion is driven by XML schemas, although there is a fallback that will use existing nodes in the file to provide a very basic form of completion. MonoDevelop keeps a list of known schemas, and when trying to provide completion for a given namespace, it looks in that list to find one that matches the namespace. There are built-in schemas for several namespaces, but it’s possible to add your own in Preferences->Other->XML Schemas.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Author Information

There are many convenient things MonoDevelop can do automatically, but for some it needs to know a bit about you, such as your name, your email address, and who owns the copyright on your work. This is used for adding standard file headers, committing to a VCS repository, creating AssemblyInfo.cs files, and so on. You can provide this information in the Author Information panel in Preferences.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Inline Errors

In MonoDevelop 2.4, we introduced inline error markers, similar to Xcode. When you build, errors and warnings are shown inline in the code as message bubbles, though of course they also remain available as a list in the Error List pad.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Duplicate a Line

When there is no selection in the MonoDevelop text editor, the copy and cut commands act on the current line. This makes it easy to move a line (Control-X, move to line below target location, Control-V) or duplicate a line (Control-C, Control-V).

MonoDevelop Tips: Build Actions

Files in a MonoDevelop (or Visual Studio) project have a build action which controls what happens to the file during a build. Here are some of the common build actions for C# projects.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Pinned Search Results

Some kinds of pads in MonoDevelop are transient. They cannot be accessed directly from a menu, but instead appear when needed to show the results of some operation, such as Find in Files, or Find References. Once closed, they can only be recovered by re-running the operation.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Show All Files

The MonoDevelop Solution Pad shows projects and folders that correspond to real folders on disk, but by default it only shows files and folders within them that have been included in the project. This behaviour can be changed using the Display Options->Show All Files toggle option in the Solution Pad context menu.

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MonoDevelop Tips: Code Generation Window

The Code Generation window can be used to automatically generate code for various patterns, based on existing code. It can be triggered from the context menu, or from the Edit->Show Code Generation Window menu. On Windows and Linux the keyboard shortcut is Alt-Insert and on Mac there’s currently no keybinding (if you’d like to suggest one please use the MonoDevelop mailing list).

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