Demoing Mono in Games

I’m trying to plan some examples of using Mono in game development, so that we have time to get together some solid demos and samples for next year’s GDC. I’m primarily interested in showing how Mono fits into the existing games development ecosystem; we don’t really have an XNA-like story for developing fully managed games in Mono at this point. The focus of the demos will therefore be:

  • How easy it is to embed Mono into a game and use it for scripting and gameplay programming.
  • How the Mono and .NET development tools make development faster, easier and more robust.
  • How Mono’s performance compares to popular scripting engines such as Lua and Python.
  • (Possibly) using Moonlight as a Mono-scriptable, artist-friendly UI engine.

Does anyone know of any complete games or cool demos for which source or C/C++ SDKs are available, so that Mono could be embedded as a scripting engine? (I’m already considering Source Engine and Quake 3).

Nice ideas for demos would be useful too, though obviously developing a serious game from scratch is out of the question…