Progress is a good thing

I wasn’t quite as far as I thought I was.

There were still a few PostgreSQL bugs in Drupal that I had to fix before getting on with theming the site. This turned out to be too big a task for an evening so I modified the Drupal port of Michael Heilemann’s Kubrick theme, changing the title picture (anyone recogise the mountain?) and the footer, hacking the template so that the sidebar vanishes if it has no content, and making a few other tweaks. Personally I still have my reservations about a fixed-width layout like this - even though it’s very pretty - so when I have time I’ll fix it up to use relative units.

Additional modules I’ve installed now are thePHPTemplate theming engine, the Article, Trackback, Wiki Markup and Project Management. There’s not really much else I need, though I’d like to be able to add screenshots and documentation to the projects.

I turned on comments for completeness, though I don’t expect to recieve any yet. It does mean I’ll have to be on the watch for comment spam but I don’t think the spammers know about my site yet. Anyway, Drupal offers a Bayesian spam filter when I need it.