Mikayla's Journal

Reflections After Surgery

The past couple months I’ve been recovering from bottom surgery (gender reassignment surgery). It’s been a strange liminal period of relief and reorientation.

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Migration to Jekyll

I just finished migrating this site to Jekyll.

I’m a little sad. I ran Drupal for over 16 years, and there are few things in my life that have been constant that long. But all things come to an end, and it served its purpose well.

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Easy pull requests from master with git-offload

When using git, I often find myself committing some work to master locally, and having to move it all to a branch from which I can make a pull request. Then I have to clean up afterwards. I do this often, yet it’s tedious and I still sometimes have to look up the exact format of the git commands. So, I wrote a script to automate it, git-offload.

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Some Changes Around Here

I’d like to make a brief announcement. I’m coming out as transgender - I identify as a woman, I am changing my name to Mikayla, and I am switching to she/her/hers pronouns.

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Build Time Code Generation in MSBuild

Build-time code generation is a really powerful way to automate repetitive parts of your code. It can save time, reduce frustration, and eliminate a source of copy/paste bugs.

This is something I’m familiar with due to my past work on MonoDevelop’s tooling for ASP.NET, T4 and Moonlight, and designing and/or implementing similar systems for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. However, I haven’t seen any good documentation on it, so I decided to write an article to outline the basics.

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MonoDevelop.AddinMaker 1.2

I’ve finally released MonoDevelop.AddinMaker, making it easier than ever before to customize and add features to Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop. This release has been stalled for a while due to factors beyond my control, and I’m very happy to be able to make it available at last.

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The State of MSBuild Support in MonoDevelop

I occasionally get questions about support for advanced MSBuild features, and my answers are usually fairly short. This post aims to be a more comprehensive description of the current state state of MSBuild support in MonoDevelop, so I can refer people to it. If you’ve never hand-edited custom targets for an MSBuild file, this doesn’t affect you at all, but feel free to read it if you’re curious.

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