Final Final Finalised

About 3 hours ago, I finished my very last exam of my MSci degree: my final final (the final-year exams are often called "finals"). I have no further coursework, so apart from some administrative trivialities, my degree is finished. Hurray!

I shall now be trying to catch up with all the things I've left incomplete over the past few years: my website photo gallery, some books and games, various software projects (including MonoDevelop), a couple of websites I run, and so forth. I will also be enjoying Durham and its surroundings in the wonderful summery weather.

MSci Thesis Finished

I've just handed in the final version of my MSci thesis! It's the culmination of my fourth-year Physics project on Interpretation of 3D Astronomical Data, in which I was studying a spectral datacube of the NGC 1068 Active Galactic Nucleus, trying to discover the structure and properties of this astronomical object from the redshift and distribution of the spectral emission lines. Sometime soon I will be posting some of the PyRAF and Python datacube analysis code that I developed.

Now I only have to worry about the Project viva, and then three exams from other modules.

Adding PyRAF to IRAF on Ubuntu Edgy

Following up on my earlier post on installing IRAF on Ubuntu Edgy, here's a walkthrough for installing PyRAF, a Python shell for IRAF. As part of this we'll have to install STSDAS and TABLES, two popular IRAF packages from STSCI.

Installing IRAF on Ubuntu Edgy amd64

A major part of my final year project depends on using IRAF, the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility from NOAO. Although it's installed on the university's UNIX Service, the servers it's on are not particularly fast and have quite a few users, so the interactive bits like DS9 are barely usable over SSH X11 forwarding. Anyway, I thought I'd install it on my own machine to make things easier.

St John's College JCR Website goes live

I've just launched the new website for St John's College JCR at It's based on Drupal 4.7.3 with a lot of extra modules added, but mainly based on the Organic Groups module. This helps to organise all of our little subcommunities and groups. I also hacked together a custom module called groupforums, which displays listings of one of the OG node types as conventional forums, in order to help people get used to the site.

Dr Dobbs Journal Article

Three exams down, two to go.

Just thought I'd post a link to my Dr Dobbs Journal article on AspNetEdit. It went out about 6 months ago, but I hadn't got round to linking to it yet. It explains a little bit about the reason for AspNetEdit, and the technologies used to bring it to fruition.

There's a terrible photo of me in the article as well ;-)

Exams, exams

Well, it's exam time again. Five in total; first one on Monday, and the last is two days after I find out whether I've been accepted for the Summer of Code 2006. Not enjoying revision, and these exams – third year – are very important.

As for the Summer of Code, I've applied to work on ASP.NET Project Support for MonoDevelop. If I get accepted, I will be integrating AspNetEdit into a proper development environment at last!

My website can now be accessed at the domain, and this redirects to the current site for now. I'll be migrating over after exams.

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