Notes on GUADEC

First of all I'd like so say what a great experience GUADEC was. It was great to talk to cool people, see the amazing software people are writing, and hear talks from inspiring speakers. It really emphasised for me why having such a diverse yet coherent community has made GNOME the awesome ecosystem it is today.

I'm a little disappointed I could only attend the Core days, but I think they were enough for me. I'm currently away and it's not easy to write or post to my journal, but I've patched together some notes on the talks I attended.

Tuesday: Core I

A Bad Experience with DRM

A couple of days ago I made my first DRM-protected music purchase: the Supreme Commander soundtrack from the DirectSong online store. I've long been a fan of Jeremy Soule's work, ever since I heard the wonderful Total Annihilation soundtrack.

The Hole in the Wall Project

A fascinating video by Sugata Mitra at LIFT07, in which he presents his "hole in the wall project". He's been putting computers in the streets of Indian towns where the children have never seen a computer, and don't even speak any English. It's very interesting how the children have collectively discovered how to use the computers (in English), and how their group dynamics develop and affect the learning process.

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