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Long Time No Blog

It's strange to think that's it's 2010 already and I haven't blogged since June. It certainly hasn't been for lack of things to blog about — if anything, I've been too busy working on things to blog about them, so whenever I've had something to share I've usually used Twitter because much easier to fire off a quick tweet than to write a blog post. However, I'm determined to start blogging again so that I can share detailed information to which I can refer people more easily.

Drupal updated to 5.1

I've just updated the site's version of the Drupal CMS to version 5.1. Lots of shininess, but I haven't yet ported the theme and some of the modules.

New site is live

My site is live at the new domain, and my old page is now redirecting here. The theme still needs a lot of work, but I have other priorities right now.

Most of the work in setting up the new site has been in migrating from PostgreSQL to MySQL. It wasn't a personal choice, just what happened to be on the servers. I took the chance to do a complete Drupal reinstall, and have a few new features planned for the coming months.

Exams, exams

Well, it's exam time again. Five in total; first one on Monday, and the last is two days after I find out whether I've been accepted for the Summer of Code 2006. Not enjoying revision, and these exams – third year – are very important.

As for the Summer of Code, I've applied to work on ASP.NET Project Support for MonoDevelop. If I get accepted, I will be integrating AspNetEdit into a proper development environment at last!

My website can now be accessed at the domain, and this redirects to the current site for now. I'll be migrating over after exams.

New release of GeSHicodefilter

I have recently upgraded to Drupal 4.7, and it's fantastic. However, the Project module upgrade didn't work (probably because I use Postgres) so I've only just got round to installing it again.

To celebrate this, I have made a new release of my GeSHicodefilter Drupal module. It is now Drupal 4.7 compatible, and merges several enhancements from Vince Filby's geshifilter module.

How embarrassing

Three months since I last posted on this site, and all of those early posts were just about setting the site up. Seems lie the site's a bit pointless, really. Not that I've been sitting idle; I've been snowed under with academic work. I'll get something interesting up here eventually, I promise.

For now, let it be known that I am procrastinating my exam revision by upgrading the site to Drupal 4.6.

Spam, spam, spam, spam....

The site's only been up for five days and I'm already getting referrer spam. No comment spam yet, but I'll probably disable comments and trackbacks until I have some interesting stuff up, and sort it out then.

Thanks to some helpful advice on Caveat Lector I used a bunch of Apache .htaccess rules to filter out domains containing spam-like words. It's likely that there will be some false positives but until I find another way, it'll have to do.

In other news, Drupal's project module is giving me trouble; it refuses to track my projects' releases.

Progress is a good thing

I wasn't quite as far as I thought I was.

There were still a few PostgreSQL bugs in Drupal that I had to fix before getting on with theming the site. This turned out to be too big a task for an evening so I modified the Drupal port of Michael Heilemann's Kubrick theme, changing the title picture (anyone recogise the mountain?) and the footer, hacking the template so that the sidebar vanishes if it has no content, and making a few other tweaks. Personally I still have my reservations about a fixed-width layout like this - even though it's very pretty - so when I have time I'll fix it up to use relative units.

And so it begins...

I've been wondering for literally months how to set up this site. I almost went with a custom coded solution but Drupal's logging and modular 'plug-in features' were ultimately too alluring. The critical question, as always - what would be the best layout? Which modules to use to categorise and display my projects? How do I make all these features work together?

I finally got around to setting up the site properly. My year-old half-baked installation of Drupal should now be fixed (I've reinstalled it several times playing with various configurations) and set up to do everything I want it to. I had to use a few modules, several of which had to be ported to PostgreSQL, but overall the installation process was quite easy. The categories, blocks and links are all set up and all that remains is to create a theme. Then the content can be rolled in...

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