Moonlight Development on Linux with MonoDevelop

Yesterday I made a screencast demonstrating Moonlight Development on Mac using MonoDevelop. Today, I bring you the same thing on Linux:

Whales, Beavers and Snakes (Oh My!)

My family is visiting me here in Boston, and over the Independence Day weekend we toured Western Massachusetts for a few days. I captured some interesting photos. Having finally convinced myself to purchase some nice lenses for my SLR, I am particularly pleased with this haul.

Humpback Whale

Hiro's photos

My friend Hiro Mori has just put up a load of photos on Flickr. He's studying photography at university, and works a lot with film. There are a lot of very good photos, especially among the ones from Cuba.

Theo's Website

My friend Theo Currie has a website with some pretty cool photos.

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