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Silicon Group: How to Lose Customers

I went to the Silicon Group computer shop on Dalry Road in Edinburgh today to buy a couple of 2GB high-speed CompactFlash cards. Their website, updated three days ago, advertised that it cost £15, which by current standards is an internet-level price. I've used them in the past, and they've always provided reasonable components at prices that are pretty low for a High Street shop. More recently I'd been tempted by the lower prices and vastly superior range offered by web retailers, but decided to save the postage and give Silicon a shot.

When South Bridges Go Bad

A couple of years ago I upgraded my computer, and passed the old one on to someone else. I'd had it for over 5 years — a reliable old Pentium III 733EB plugged into a Soyo 6VCA Slot1 motherboard via a slocket (Slot->Socket converter), with 64MB of PC133 SDRAM and a 20GB Maxtor HDD. Over its lifetime it had gained another 512Mb of RAM, Sapphire Radeon 9000 64MB graphics card with VIVO, a slot loading Pioneer DVD drive, a network card, and a couple of other extras — and that's only the internals.

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