Easy pull requests from master with git-offload

When using git, I often find myself committing some work to master locally, and having to move it all to a branch from which I can make a pull request. Then I have to clean up afterwards.

I do this often, yet it's tedious and I still sometimes have to look up the exact format of the git commands. So, I wrote a script to automate it, git-offload.

Simply pass in the new branch name and the remote to you want to push the new branch, and git-offload automatically does the following things:

MSBuild Code Generation in VS2015

A couple of weeks ago I was helping Jason Smith debug an issue with the build-time code generation in Xamarin.Forms. The build targets were based on my Build Time Code Generation in MSBuild post, but in recent Visual Studio 2015 versions the generated classes would occasionally disappear from IntelliSense.

Eventually we figured out that this happened after a very specific sequence of circumstances: when the project was cleaned, then closed and reopened.

Build Time Code Generation in MSBuild

Build-time code generation is a really powerful way to automate repetitive parts of your code. It can save time, reduce frustration, and eliminate a source of copy/paste bugs.

This is something I'm familiar with due to my past work on MonoDevelop's tooling for ASP.NET, T4 and Moonlight, and designing and/or implementing similar systems for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. However, I haven't seen any good documentation on it, so I decided to write an article to outline the basics.

MonoDevelop.AddinMaker 1.2

I've finally released MonoDevelop.AddinMaker 1.2, making it easier than ever before to customize and add features to Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop. This release has been stalled for a while due to factors beyond my control, and I'm very happy to be able to make it available at last. Thanks to Lluis for getting rid of the roadblocks!

Razor Preprocessed Templates

When Miguel asked me to investigate making MonoDevelop support using Razor templates in MonoTouch and Mono for Android apps, I realized that it could be done simply and with very few dependencies by taking the same approach as T4 preprocessed templates, which I implemented for MonoDevelop a couple of years ago. Fortunately, this time the hard part was already done: I could use Microsoft's open-source Razor parser instead of writing my own parser. I also found a Visual Studio extension called Razor Generator that was very close in functionality to what I wanted, and was able to use this as a basis for my work. I was able to hook it it into the fantastic Razor editing and code completion support written by Piotr Dowgiallo in the Google Summer of Code this year.

After a few days work implementing, tweaking and tuning (and bouncing ideas off Bojan Rajković), I present Razor Preprocessed Templates in MonoDevelop.

The State of MSBuild Support in MonoDevelop

I occasionally get questions about support for advanced MSBuild features, and my answers are usually fairly short. This post aims to be a more comprehensive description of the current state state of MSBuild support in MonoDevelop, so I can refer people to it. If you've never hand-edited custom targets for an MSBuild file, this doesn't affect you at all, but feel free to read it if you're curious.

MonoMac video from NDC 2011

The videos from NDC 2011 are now online, including my talk Developing .NET Applications for the Mac App Store (direct link). You can also download a printable version of my presentation. Hopefully there will be an official torrent of the videos soon, because there were plenty of other sessions that are worth seeing.

Speaking at DevTeach

This week I'm going to be presenting two sessions at DevTeach 11 in Montreal.

Preview of Xcode 4 Support for MonoTouch

In their recent update of the iOS and Mac developer tools, Apple removed the standalone Interface Builder application and integrated the GUI designer functionality directly into Xcode 4. This was a very significant change and removed several features that were necessary for MonoTouch and MonoMac to integrate with the designer. As soon as Xcode 4 went final, we started working on MonoDevelop support for integrating MonoTouch with Xcode 4's GUI designer, but it's a complex project and will take some time to complete.

Speaking on MonoMac at NDC 2011

I'm going to be at NDC 2011 in Oslo, and I'll be speaking about Developing .NET Applications for the Mac App Store. The talk will provide an introduction to MonoMac and the native Mac APIs that it exposes to .NET developers, explain the structure of MonoMac apps and how they can be deployed to the Mac App store, and discuss strategies for code reuse across the platforms supported by Mono and .NET.


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