MonoMac video from NDC 2011

The videos from NDC 2011 are now online, including my talk Developing .NET Applications for the Mac App Store (direct link). You can also download a printable version of my presentation. Hopefully there will be an official torrent of the videos soon, because there were plenty of other sessions that are worth seeing. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a great conference!

Correction: In the presentation I said that native objects don't retain references to managed objects, which is incorrect. The problem I intended to refer to is a common coding error where views are retained but their controllers are not, e.g. mainView.AddSubview(new ChildController().View).


What about Lion support? When is it coming? I have a MonoMac app in the Mac App Store and mmp builds bundles that fail to run on Lion. Lion is coming very soon and I'm getting nervous, please give me some info!

Monomac still doesn't work with XCode 4. Xcode 4 has been out for quite some time and takes much of the sting out of Cocoa and Objective-C development by being a truly "integrated" IDE. Once upgraded, it's not so easy to downgrade, and unless you really need some .NET library, it often makes more sense to start taking advantage of Objective-C's benefits rather than trying to sidestep it and use Monomac. But there are still some cases where a library exists in .NET and not in Cocoa or OS X. For those scenarios, it would be nice if Monomac could run side by side or even within XCode 4. Any idea on the timeline for this?

Xcode 4 support exists in MonoDevelop master and is usable (the demo in my presentation uses it) but hasn't been polished into a shippable state yet. I don't have an exact timeline for releasing this, but it should be fairly soon.

However, you can install Xcode 3.2 and Interface Builder without downgrading from Xcode 4. When running the Xcode 3.2.x installer, customize the install. Only install "Essentials", and set the install location to some directory other than /Developer, such as /Xcode3. After this, right-click on any xib, and set the default handler to Interface Builder (i.e. /Xcode3/Applications/Interface, so Interface Builder will be used when opening xib files. This won't affect working with projects in Xcode 4 at all.

Hi Michael.

I'm trying to get started with MonoMac and Xcode 4. Monomac is available as an add-in package if i use MonoDevelop 2.6, but with no Xcode 4 support. I really want to avoid installing Xcode 3.x even side by side. When i go experimental and choose Monodevelop 2.8 beta 1, the add-in is not available from from the add-in manager. Where do I go?